Taste tests CLT

We have a long track record of testing products, concepts, and communication campaigns with their target audiences. To us, it’s clear that it saves time and money to repeatedly test during the different development and design phases rather than discover the commercial problems after launch.

Basically, we help you kill bad ideas and bring the right ones to market faster.

We help you with everything from concept-research-design, recruitment of the right people, and conducting the concept test online, in the customer’s environment, or our test facilities in Stockholm with various proven methods.

Our team of analysts is experts in interpreting the results of your product and concept tests, transforming them into a form that clearly explains your study’s analysis, findings, and key implications.

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Today, a big part of most companies’ customer interaction, is based on digital interfaces such as websites, e-services and mobile apps. Understanding how these interfaces affects your customers, and how it impacts their perception of your company is vital. Yet, few companies sees these, in the full picture of how incorporated UX and CX is.

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