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We walk in

your customers



We are going on a safari into the Customers World.

When you want to do something new for your customers and make their everyday life better, with products, services and experiences, we are your partner.

We take you on an expedition into the customers natural habitat in search of what the they find interesting, how they construct meaning for themselves and what experiences they find memorable.

We decode the trends that influence people, finds the jobs they want to get done and go deep into their preferences.

We find out where your opportunities lie for your brands, products and services, looking for the right commercial potential for you to act on.


Customers don’t buy products, services or experiences. They buy what they do for them, what problem they solve, or they have an outcome in mind, and they hire a product, service or experience to get the job done.

This is our search for what truly matters to the customer and their view of the alternatives in the market to get the job done.

This is also another way of segmenting your market, one that is more constant in its nature and therefore is a good base for design and development of brands, products and services.

We help you find out what your customers want to get done, their goals and preferences. And we identify pain points and the gains they want to see more of and what that means for how you do business, today and in the future.

Customer Journey Mapping

If you truly want to understand your customers, you need to take a walk through every interaction point in their shoes. We use empathy to truly understand what they are feeling when they try to get a job done and what alternatives they got to reach their preferred outcome.

Today you compete with the latest great experience the customer have wherever they find it. The understanding of the journey is therefore essential for new differentiation and the design of experiences that your customers finds interesting, meaningful and memorable. 

We’ll help you map the customers end to end journey, online as well as offline. With Customer Journey Mapping we identify relevant touchpoints, activities, feelings and the gap between the customer expectations and their actual experience of doing business with you.

In summary:

1. Chart each step of the customer experience.

2. Understand your customers by segment or jobs to be done.

3. Highlight moments of truth.

4. Identify touch points and the emotions they trigger.

5. Understand why customers stay – and why they leave.

6. Implement improvements that provide the greatest return.

Usage & Attitude Surveys

Usage and attitude surveys are a great tool for developing a general understanding of a market or a category.

A U&A survey gives you detailed information about the market landscape, what products are in the market, market share, awareness and attitudes to brands.

The survey consists of two parts. Firstly, it focuses on the customers usage behaviour, how, when and why the product is used. Secondly it investigates brand awareness of existing brands in the market.

  • Market sizing’ (e.g. category penetration, usage frequency)
  • General category understanding’ (e.g. who uses, what/when/where /how, category dissatisfactions)
  • Understanding brands (brand penetration, brand perceptions, brand choice drivers, etc)
  • Information for targeting (e.g. attitudinal or behavioural segmentations

Trend and future spotting

We scan the horizon for new trends that will influence how the customer experiences your brands, products or services.

We conduct desk research, interview experts and opinion leaders and scan the internet to uncover future trends. We find out where your customers are going and where the new possibilities lies.

Social media is one of the important channels to monitor. We track your reputation and scan for mentions of your brands, competitors, products, and any keywords relevant to your business success. 


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