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We are an experienced and effective research-partner for the skilful research-professional.

We realize that carrying out research in a different country has its challenges. Different local prerequisites, cost positions and cultures matters to get the job done.

We know what it means to be a research-professional. Therefore we have created a dedicated service range that is uniquely designed to meet your demands and at the same time meet the specifics in Sweden and the Nordics.

We are glad to assist you as a fieldwork research partner in your project and give you full access to our team and capabilities. We have a vast experience of working with clients and challenges from a variety of business sectors such as FMCG, retail, media, automotive, telecom, construction and public sector.

AskSweden can design, conduct and coordinate fieldwork for your research projects in the Nordics or develop a research design from scratch.

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"We enjoy working with AskSweden. They deliver sure-footedly on detailed research specs, and we know we can trust them to take a personal interest to make​ sure everything is correct"
John Robson,
Founding Partner
We recruit the right people

Get the right people onboard

At AskSweden we pride ourselves in excelling in qualitative recruitment.

We go a long way to recruit the targeted respondents for focus groups, in-depth interviews, diary studies, communities and other qualitative projects.

We have a dedicated panel of consumers and professionals from different backgrounds. AskSweden offers recruitment for all our qualitative projects or as a stand-alone service.

To guarantee a successful recruitment for each project we have developed a: 

1. Screener validation
At the start of each project we validate the screener so that it will meet the research objectives and that it is feasible according to local conditions.

2. Targeting and incentives
We develop a recruitment plan on how to reach the desired target group. We use a variety of sources such as our own database, social media, partners and our personal networks to target the right person.

3. Personal validation
When we have got enough potential candidates we will interview each respondent and validate the quality of their answers, and finally confirm they’re available the specific date.

4. Confirmation and reminders
We remind the respondent personally the day before fieldwork to minimize drop outs.

Understand how it really is

AskSweden’s moderator’s have an extensive experience in the art of conducting qualitative research to understand people, brands and our clients greatest commercial and organisational challenges, seeking out the true nature of things.

Our moderators background is in consulting. We have been using qualitative methods to deliver the answers for our clients marketing strategy and tactics, business transformation, the fuzzy front end of innovation and in different brand development phases for over 20 years. 

We proud ourselves with our ability to delivering reports with insights that is possible to act on by matching the right moderators experience with each project.

We do qualitative research such as focus groups, in depth interviews, online groups and communities.

  • Jobs-to-be-done
  • Customer journeys
  • In depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Online communities
  • Ethnographic research
  • Shop-a-long interviews
  • Diary studies
  • Employee surveys

Design and innovation
We work with clients development-teams in smaller research iterations, testing and validating the hypothesis that got to be true to get everything to work according to plan.

We supports organisational change with qualitative research, working side by side with the organisation to get clarity in the things that matters.

understand how things are connected
Data research and analytics

See the change over time

AskSweden has an experienced field force and capabilities to handle all types of quantitative research projects, online as well as offline.

We have a dedicated team of senior interviewers experienced in B2B research, capable of get the most out of conducting interviews with top tier decision makers.

We have stringent quality control procedures in place, following the guidelines of ESOMAR and ISO 20252. Our personal commitment and ambition is to always dig deeper and deliver insights that works!

  • Online surveys (CAWI)
  • Phone interviews (CATI)
  • Face-2-face interviews (CAPI/PAPI)
  • Product and concept tests (CLT)
  • At home usage tests (HUT)
  • Mystery Shopping/calls

We connect the dots

We combine qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to deliver actionable insights. Our goal is to deliver results that are grounded in segments or operational realities and provide a sound basis for decision making. 

Each report is tailor made and delivered to meet the research goals of the specific project. We deliver everything from raw data files (SPSS, Excel, CSV), advanced statics analysis and full reports.

We have access to a stable platform of software solutions a NEBU, SPSS and R.

For some purposes, we use multivariate methods when analyzing quantified data to identify segments. To enable this, it is necessary that the right questions have been asked in the first place.

Our cluster analysis is carried out in such a way that the segments actually correspond to reality, and that the segments can be reached.

In many cases the segments cannot be determined on the basis of geography or socioeconomics. In that case can the quality research identify the factors that matters most.

Driving Force Analysis can be used to identify factors to improve customer/employee satisfaction, reduce churn or identify possibilities for growth on a market and industry level.

We use correlation and regression in combination with perceived performance to figure out what to prioritise, given the organisation’s optimisation of change efforts. 

To ensure that a correlation is indeed causal, we use qualitative techniques as reference material, the statistics must be applicable in the organisation and the context of the organisation.

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