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We help you

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customer experience


We do a deep dive into your current customer experience, looking to make things better.

Reality bites hard.
Whether it’s a product or concept test, an store check or a full customer journey audit we identify the gap between the customers exceptions and what you deliver.

Your customers experiences products and brands through and multitude of activities, touchpoints and interactions. So, the most successful brands align all the moments that really matter to consumers – from advertising to point of sale.

AskSweden provides you with an independent evaluation of the customers current reality and if your brand, product or service gets the job done.

Customer Journey Audit

AskSweden’s 360-Customer Journey Audit, is a research program that evaluates how the customer feels trough the journey to do business with your organisation today.

We evaluate the most important activities, touchpoints and interactions, from end to end, online as well as offline. 

We use a combined approach of qualitative research and KPI metrics to measure how your proposition and organisation delivers on your customer value through their lifecycle.

We identify the customers pain points, preferences and where your potential is for making the customers life better.

In relation to the audit we could also conduct:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) 
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

Product, Service and Experience test

When it’s time to go from the drawing board to an early launch of the actual product, service and experience we can help you to check ”proof of concept”.

This is the process where we validate if the concepts proposition deliver on the desired jobs-to-be done, or not.

We do pilots to validate your timing in the market, how interesting the result is for your customers and check if they actually are willing to pay for it. 

AskSweden also conducts a variety of product tests for all types of products/services. This can be done in-hall, at home or with in-street intercept.

Shopper Research

For many products and services, the actual store is one of the most important touchpoint’s.

We use a variety of techniques to measure how the customer interacts with the product and brand in the store; such as Mystery shopping/calls, In-store observations and interviews with consumers before, during or after their shopping experience.

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