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Product and concept tests in Sweden

We have a long track record of testing products, concepts, and communication campaigns with their target audiences. To us, it’s clear that it saves time and money to repeatedly test during the different development and design phases rather than discover the commercial problems after launch.

Basically, we help you kill bad ideas and bring the right ones to market faster.

We help you with everything from concept-research-design, recruitment of the right people, and conducting the concept test online, in the customer’s environment, or our test facilities in Stockholm with various proven methods.

Our team of analysts is experts in interpreting the results of your product and concept tests, transforming them into a form that clearly explains your study’s analysis, findings, and key implications.

Delivering the customer point of view

Over the years, we have identified the customer truths, opportunities, and key differentiators for ads, energy beverages, winter tires, electrical tools, chocolate cakes, tablet cases, desserts, IT security, smart TV, beer, architectural products, pizza, air travel, agricultural products, washing machines, and much more.

We help you with:

Welcome to our test facility!

In the heart of Stockholm, you’ll find AskSweden´s test facility. Here we can carry out product and concept tests, taste tests for hot and cold food and beverages, and qualitative research such as focus groups and IDI:s.

We source high-quality respondents for the research, online or offline

We go to a great lengths to get the right people aboard through our recruitment services. We make sure that they live up to the targeting profile, that they have something to say, and that they show up on time.

We recruit online diaries, communities, ethnographic studies, in-home studies, focus groups, and IDI:s.

Our research digs deeper to find gold

Together with B-Clarity we use Eye Tracking to test the UX of your website or app, and we do A/B tests of packaging, communication campaigns, or other visual stimuli.

We can record the visual patterns when the consumers see your website, POS signage, or campaigns to clarify what matters to them. Or to confirm how and when they feel the excitement during their customer journey.

Through our Eye Tracking studies, we see what the consumer sees and what is seen but not noticed.

We test how your packaging stands up in a real-life competitive environment. We discover problems with navigating your website or app. We help you understand how your visual identity impacts brand perception and point-of-difference.

Actionable insights

We help your team understand what drives preferences, must-haves, or hygiene factors and where your concept is overdelivering value that is not important to the customers.

With Key Driver Analysis, we identify the most critical areas to the customers. We help you understand what you could give up without impacting overall product, concept, or comms performance.

The qualitative data will give actual respondents verbatim meaning and life to the statistics, providing valuable insights and a customer story for further development and innovation.

We can include brand- and positioning analysis against your main competitors depending on the research design.

Your Nordic research partner

AskSweden can assist you in your product development process and help you succeed in the Nordic market.

We bring the customer perspective to the heart of the development and design process. We help you choose the proper research method, online or offline, to deliver on your goals, budget, and time.

So let us help execute your research project or concept research design from scratch!


Johan Jyrwall
+46 753 545 59 23