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We see us as archaeologist of needs, going way below the obvious to understand what job the customer really wants to get done.

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it is the fact that customer experience, differentiation and innovation starts with customer discovery. We’re always on the lookout for what gets peoples juice’s going and the trends that will influence the needs of tomorrow. And you won’t get that kind of understanding in the office.

When it comes to customer discovery, we firmly believe in keeping it real. To us, that means gathering observations where they happen – meaning that we go out and meet people where they work, eat, sleep and play. And we’ve come so far that we’ve stopped expecting the unexpected. Instead, we’ve started looking for it. Thus, our customer discovery process takes us beyond the obvious.

As soon as we hear the familiar clank of understanding against our shovels, we unearth it- and then we start digging deeper. We’re greedy when it comes to understanding – and we know that when we strike gold, there might be more the deeper we go. And when we say gold, we mean the hidden desires, values and beliefs that is the currency for brands, customer experiences and organisations and are the remedy for market challenges.

We execute deep Customer Experience research in the three dimensions of Customer Discovery:

1. The Customers World
2. The Moment of Truth
3. The Employees World


We help our clients to take the customers point of view either by implementing a full 360-degree research program or assisting in a single ad-hoc project. 

Regardless of the scope, AskSweden is your preferred research partner in any CX research project.


We have an itch to explore and understand the customers world.

And we keep going in your customers shoes until we hit gold.

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Does your brand, products and services get the customers job done?

We find your opportunities and helps you act on it.

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The other side of a great customer experience is a great employee experience.

We find out what’s engaging them.

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